6 Ways to Give Your Cafe a Boost in Customers

1.Make your food more Instagramable

As much as we hate to admit it, only serving good food is no longer enough to captivate a larger traffic. Make use of contrasting colors on your products and plate your food to make it taller, instead of wider. Be sure to provide good quality photos on your social media by making use of natural light (strongly recommended!). Be sure to also showcase your interior decorations.

2. Provide off-peak hours promotions

Who doesn't like a good value? Provide off-peak hour promotions for example 'Buy 1 free 1' deals, happy hour promo packages during your non-busy period to further encourage customers to give it a try. You can also provide a minimized Lunch Set Menu during Lunch Hours, to encourage the busy bees to drop by and have a quick lunch.

3.Strategically plan and design your menu

Come up with weekly specials or seasonal specials to spice up the menu for your loyal customers. You can also highlight your best-seller with a "recommended by chef" icon. Be sure to be descriptive on your menu, and make use of adjectives such as "delicate prawn sauteed with madras curry". Tell a story to your customers for each item in the menu, but keep it simplified and non-pretentious.


4. Adopt a Loyalty Program

Make use of a loyalty program to make sure your loyal customers keep coming back for more. Provide them with rewards such as free snacks, drinks, desserts or a family package discount. You can also attract new customers by providing a discount coupon to your first-time diners.

5.Offer multiple ways for customers to purchase 

These days, it is key to providing multiple platforms for your customers to view and purchase your products. Investing in a decent website is a great method to engage with your customers and provide them with latest updates. You can also collaborate with a third-party food delivery service to widen your online presence and sales.


6. Make use of presentable and eco-friendly food packaging 

Product packaging is the most effective marketing tools through in-store advertising. These years, there was a lot of F&B owner was also willing to pay more to encourage people to protect our mother of earth nowadays. For attracting more customers to visit and purchase your food, you must be having a presentable and eco-friendly food packaging in 2020 onwards! To make a change from now, click HERE to find out more biodegradable and sustainability products with the lowest price in town!

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