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what Is Woopoints?


Membership faq

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All registered accounts are entitled to our Loyalty Membership Program

You can enjoy more WooPoints for every RM1 spent. You can fast-track your Woopoint’s accumulation according to your membership tier with 1.05x (Premium Member) or 1.20x (Platinum Member) points multiplier.

You’re able to redeem your points during checkout session to have a direct discount

Unfortunately, WooPoints is not able to earn from purchasing promotional items. Promotional items are not entitled to standard WooPoints transaction.

Yes, you may start accumulating points and enjoy member’s privileges immediately via Wooba.

Wooba membership has no validity period, it is a lifetime membership.

To view your WooPoints, head to ‘My Account’ & ‘Dasboard’!

There has no expiration period for WooPoints. However, if the account is inactive for 6 months, WooPoints will be resettled.

Yes. You may be downgraded to a lower tier (e.g. from Premium to Basic tier status) if you do not earn enough Woopoints (by making qualified online transactions) required to maintain your current tier status.

If you do get downgraded from your current tier, you’ll end up losing all benefits associated with that tier.

Of course, the easiest way to prevent this from happening is to purchase frequently in Wooba and accumulate enough points to maintain your tier status!

You would lose all your WooPoints, your existing tier status and all associated tier privileges. If you do decide to opt-back in later, we will not be able to restore your previous Woopoints balance.


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