5 Ways to increase your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the level of consciousness consumers have to a particular brand and the ability to differentiate a company’s brand from its competitors. Brand awareness has been a hot topic as of late, and can mean the difference between a successful and failing start up.

The advantages of having a strong brand recognition is Customer Awareness, Brand Credibility, Reputation, Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction.

Without further ado, these are the key few points to note, when looking to increase your Brand Awareness.

1. Sell your story

The first key take on building your brand strategy is defining what story you’re trying to sell through your products. In this day and age, people are not only looking to buy a product, but also an experience. A great storytelling will evoke emotions from your customers, thus building a connection with your users and ultimately creating a greater value in your product.

2. Find the right Target

Given the current state of the economy, having a well defined target market is more important than ever. It is more effective, affordable and cost efficient way to reach out to your potential clients. By using your current clients as a sample database, find out the similarities between them and use it as a leverage to find potential clients who share the same interest.

3. Consistent Branding Personality

Having a consistent Brand Personality helps your potential clients better remember you. By ensuring that your marketing materials shares the same Personality, whether it be the Tone of Voice, Color theme and opinion, it will be easier for your audience to form an association with your brand

4. Use Quality Pictures & Designs

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. A great image or design will not only attract more potential clients, but also prospect clients whom are already interested but still unsure. Make use of natural lighting, and include photos of behind-the-scenes activities to help showcase your companies’ personality and for clients to feel in touch with your brand.

5. Build Loyalty

To build a long term relationship with your customers, continue producing content that specifically targets your current customers. It can be a new product launching, seasonal promotion or stock clearance. When it comes to strengthening your brand, the customers are your best allies as they can also provide reviews, recommendations and social proof. Having a Loyalty Program that rewards your buyers is also strategically great in order to provide more value and bang for your buck to your customers.


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