5 Ways That You Can Recycle and Reuse at Home to Greener Your Environment

1. Create your own garden by reusing plastic bottles 

A low budget and green way to beautify your yard is by reusing plastic bottles and tin cans as a makeshift flower pot. By placing those plastic bottles and tin cans vertically on your wall in the yard. You can plant small leafy vegetables and herds inside the plastic bottles.

It is a great way to reuse plastic bottles and tin cans to create a small urban space to greener our environment.

2. Reuse your finished toilet rolls as Scarf Holders

A great way to re-use the carton roll that comes with every toilet roll is to use it as a scarf holder. Roll your scarf into an empty carton roll before storing it into a drawer to sort it out nearly. Say goodbye to your messy drawers, and at the same time stay green by reuse and recycling.

3.Reduce usage of plastic bag

Always remember to bring along a non-woven bag whenever you’re doing your shopping run. Reduce the usage of plastic bags by making use of our own personal Non-Woven bag. We can also use paper bags instead, which can be reused as a plant pot cover, or a wrap-up bouquet.


4. Get Creactive! 

We are only limited by our own imagination. By tweaking the products a little, and providing a touch of customization, we’re able to give most products a second life. For example, empty Tin Cans can be made into an urban looking Wine Holder.

5. Purchase and support biodegradable products

If you’re in the food and beverage business, you can purchase biodegradable straw to replace plastic straw in order to reduce the wastage that polluted to our planet. As there are new laws and legislation being placed to make business owners more environmentally conscious.

Items such as biodegradable sugarcane straw, paper cups, and paper lunch boxes are a great alternative for a greener lifestyle. Click HERE to learn more about alternative greener choices to show the support for this campaign!


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