5 SIMPLE Tips and Tricks on How To Make Your Food More Attractive

We all are always looking for ways to get your food to look more presentable, as the saying goes 'We eat with our eyes'. Whether it's for a loved one, friends, or customers, here are FIVE simple and FREE tips on how to make your food easy on the eyes

1. Use garnishes and herbs that are contrasting in color

Imagine a Chili Con Carne that is reddish-brown. Now garnish it with a little Sour Cream, Guacamole, and Lemon Slices. Looks much better with the garnishes isn't it? By contrasting the colour, your dish will pop out much more and it'll look much more exciting. You can also make use of brightly coloured vegetables, herbs, or even edible flowers to bring your dish up to another level. 


2. Use appropriate portions. Not too much, not too little.

We all know us Malaysians love a good value meal. However, overcrowding your plate with food without leaving much space isn't the best idea in terms of Food Plating. Instead, opt for a larger sized plate, or even straight-up use a cost-effective chopping board to serve up your food. This will give your food a more rustic presentation. 



3. It's always a better idea to plate your food vertically, instead of flat on the plate.

By stacking your food vertically you not only make your portion look bigger, but it also helps your customers enjoy the separate elements on your plate in one bite (mmmmm~). This technique is as easy as putting a piece of chicken on a stack of side salad, or even twirling your spaghetti to give it volume.



4. Give some thought to the placement of your ingredients, and be consistent

If you think that the piece of broccoli looks weird there, chances are, you're right! Trust your instincts, and be sure to brief your team constantly on your food plating to keep it consistent. Make use of vegetables with different shapes, and make use of different knife techniques to produce different shapes.


5. Use suitable takeaway packaging 

With Food Delivery playing a big part in our ecosystem, how you package your food is a big factor in determining your identity. Whether you're catering to the upscale market or the grab-and-go, we have the solution for you here in Wooba.

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