Single Wall Paper Bowl 520cc – White

Single Wall Paper Bowl 520cc – White


  • Eco-Friendly
  • High-Quality Food Grade Paper
  • Leak Safe


High-quality food grade paper for all our paper bowl series. Food grade paper will not emit dangerous chemicals when in contact with hot food. Hence it is safer for consumers as no chemicals are leached into the food as compared to typical polystyrene food packaging.


Single Wall Paper Bowl 520cc – White

  • High-Grade Paper
  • Single Wall Thickness
  • Food Grade Paper

Product FAQ

I don’t need that many, can I buy it in a smaller quantity?
Yes, we have the choice of buying in Carton or Packet. The price varies for Carton and Packet

I live in Sabah, do you do deliveries there?
Unfortunately, we only deliver within Klang Valley for the time being. But we are always expanding our Delivery Routes so please stay in touch!

Can I customize this product?
For custom products, please drop us a call at +603 9057 4228 or drop an email to

Can I view some samples before purchase?
Feel free to drop by our HQ located at Sri Petaling, KL for sample viewing. You can find our address at the ‘Contact Us’ section

How long will my food last in this container?
For takeaways soups, our paper bowl will be able to remain durable for up to 5 hours. For dry food, even after overnight the container will still remain sturdy

Is this container microwavable?
No, this container is not microwavable

How long will my food remain warm in this container?
The Single Wall Paper Bowl will provide better heat insulation compared to your regular plastic containers, it will remain warm up till 1.5 hours

Paper Bowl Lids can be found here!

Additional information

Weight 21.9 kg
Dimensions 56 × 46 × 51 cm


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